Manager’s Report

Layne Varney, General Manager

It’s hard to believe that the summer is almost gone. The humidity arrived much earlier, combined with the extreme heat, making it a little uncomfortable at times. Very little rain this summer with measurable amounts occurred within two separate days during a week in August, leaving about two inches of water fall. Some of the lightning storms have caused damage to the operations of the vehicle entrance/exit gates. At this time, all of these gates have been repaired and restored to normal operation. With these monsoon storms, strong gusts of wind carried tons of dirt and debris, blowing over some large trees and saguaro cactus and leaving a mess.

SunBird’s clubhouse and recreational facilities are at the top of the list for people living in and moving into SunBird. This year several maintenance and improvement projects to SunBird facilities were planned, budgeted, and scheduled. It is important to keep these facilities maintained and updated. Construction of the east side clubhouse, new outdoor concrete patio, and stage with shade coverings is in progress. Energy-efficient, dual-paned windows were installed in the Navajo, Hopi, and Pima Rooms. New flooring installed in the restrooms of the main lobby, Pro Shop hallway restrooms, and upper-level restrooms has been completed. The Ceramic Room had additional shelving installed and a new kiln in delivery. In the Horizon Room new LED light fixtures were installed, an audio system with several different listening zones and wireless microphones, completion of installing acoustical ceiling tiles, and new tiles along the bar front. Ballroom patio area shade coverings have been replaced and column footings reinforced. Chain link fence at the clubhouse surrounding an equipment area has been replaced with a new stuccoed block wall. Laundry room flooring is scheduled to be removed and replaced in October. Updated SunBird monument signs at Hunt Highway and Cooper Roads and Championship Drive and SunBird Boulevard. Installed windscreens around the south and west fencing around the sport courts. Installed shade coverings over the south shuffleboard courts. Clubhouse main swimming pool plaster removal and replacement is scheduled to begin Sept. 19. This work and pool closure is anticipated to be completed after three weeks and opened Oct. 10. Next, the Oakmont swimming pool will also have the plaster removed and replaced, beginning Oct. 10 through Oct. 24.

The City of Chandler continues its infrastructure plans of widening several main arterial roads around the southern area of Chandler currently in progress. Over the past couple of years, due to the boom of residential and commercial property development in the area and the new San Tan Mountain Casino well under construction, the need for improved traffic flow is necessary. As the demand of construction materials, labor, and contractors continues to finish projects previously or currently in the works, the price of all of these has constantly increased drastically.

As inflation has swept the world this year and the supply chain system still struggling, the trickle-down effect touches nearly everyone and everything. As study and research for the upcoming year 2023 budget, SunBird has consulted with financial professionals and studied other financial data sources to assist in adequately preparing projections and forecasts specific for SunBird. The global, national, and local economy outlook for at least the next year seems to be very volatile and unpredictable. With this outlook, caution and care is the advice we should continue to follow while navigating through this period of time.

As the weather begins to cool down and some of our neighbors begin to return to SunBird, we look forward to an exciting and fun-filled season. When returning back to SunBird, please stop by the clubhouse to check out the improvements and come to the office for a warm-welcome greeting!