Manager’s Report

Well, it’s officially hot in SunBird. Although the temperatures are rising into the triple digits, the work continues on with many planned maintenance and improvement projects. Each year SunBird has planned, budgeted, and scheduled many of these projects to keep the buildings, facilities, and equipment updated and in great condition.

This year, here are some the maintenance and improvement projects with some already completed or are currently under construction or are planned for this summer: clubhouse glass window ongoing replacement of single- to dual-paned, energy-efficient glass; additional fitness room exercise equipment of row and shoulder cardio machines; shuffleboard court shade coverings (south courts); update and replace clubhouse patio area shade coverings; update SunBird monument signage on Hunt/Cooper Roads and Championship/SunBird Blvd.; continue replacing balcony railings at the clubhouse around the Sunrise Court area; remove and replace laundry room flooring; remove and replace flooring in the restrooms in clubhouse adjacent to the hallways; remove and re-plaster the swimming pools at the clubhouse and Oakmont Drive; landscape improvements around the clubhouse; wall and install a concrete pad to host future outdoor events.

When SunBird began development in 1988, the original plan was to have a private telephone system for all homes within SunBird that is similar to hotel/resort-type set-up. Persons could contact other homes within SunBird by simply dialing the lot number. The original developer went bankrupt, and Robson Communities purchased and completed the SunBird development. The telephone lines installed in the Unit 1A section of SunBird that were previously installed to this were substandard. Over time, telephone lines in Unit 1A were deteriorating and not operating correctly or, in some cases, not at all. Cox Communications was fairly new to the area and was interested in retrofitting their cable/Internet and telephone services to the Unit 1A area of SunBird. After completion, SunBird was interested in having these services also made available to all of the community. Cox, however, stated that this request was not financially feasible. After years of requests by SunBird, better technologies, and improved methods of installation, Cox Communications is now interested in making their services available as an option to all of SunBird. The construction cost to provide these fiberoptic lines to all areas of SunBird is estimated to be approximately $9 million to $10 million. This expense is to be completely covered by Cox Communications with no expense to SunBird. If services provided by Cox Communications of cable/Internet/telephone were to be selected by an individual home, this would be optional and a service agreement between them and Cox Communications just like any other cable/Internet and telephone service provider. This proposal is currently under review and is being considered for SunBird.

It’s hard to believe that the clubhouse swimming pool, Jacuzzi, and area were completely demolished and renovated seven years ago. The swimming pool was enlarged by more than twice the size, an exterior bathroom added, and the Jacuzzi tripled in size with a shade ramada structure to cover it. As it has been seven years, it is time to re-plaster the interior of the pool. This work is scheduled to begin at the clubhouse swimming pool beginning Monday, Sept. 19, and will be closed for approximately three weeks for this until Monday, Oct. 10. The Oakmont (laundry room) swimming pool is scheduled to be closed Oct. 10 for approximately two weeks until Monday, Oct. 31.

We appreciate all of the committees, clubs, groups, and individuals who make SunBird a great place to live! Stay cool.