Manager’s Report

Good weather, great people, fun activities, large events, and fabulous times! This season has been absolutely awesome! What more could anyone ask for? More! We’ve got it! More concerts, bus trips, tournaments, auctions, dances, and another huge outdoor extravaganza. Don’t miss SunBird’s Outdoor Spring Fling Luau and Concert on Saturday, April 2!

This past year SunBird had an explosion of home sales totaling 162, equaling just shy of 10% of all the homes. 2021 had the most home sales since 2005. SunBird averages about 122 home sales annually, which is an approximate 7.5% annual turnover rate. Home values in the Chandler area appreciated a whopping average of approximately 20% to all-time high values.

The SunBird Welcome and Marketing Committee was created to promote and market SunBird and welcome those who join our community. During this explosion of home sales, SunBird has had such a large influx of new people moving in, we want to make sure all were welcomed and feel comfortable joining and participating in the many activities and amenities. With both of these important tasks, the committee has increased their efforts of welcoming these many new owners and renters to SunBird. Over the past two years, COVID-19 has complicated the effort of formally welcoming new residents into SunBird. This year the committee has increased efforts in an attempt “catch-up” for the past year of new residents and has personally met with a large number of new homeowners and renters these past couple of months. Please join our efforts! If you know of someone who has recently moved in or is new on your block, or if you see someone you don’t know, welcome them to SunBird!

This past year, the new owner survey continued for each new owner to complete as they checked in at the office. The results of this survey indicate that in nearly half of all home sales in SunBird the buyers learned of SunBird from family or friends. The top three comments for what attracted them to SunBird (all very close) were the facilities and amenities, affordability, and friendliness. Sixty-five percent of the new owners said that they planned to be full-time residents in SunBird. The top three interests noted are the social events/activities, golf, water aerobics, and pickleball. This survey is an excellent tool for current and future planning.

SunBird’s annual independent financial audit is nearing completion for the 2021 year. The auditor collects and reviews financial data from the computer accounting system, monthly bank statements, insurance statements, tax reports, financial reports, and meeting minutes and conducts random testing on several specific financial transactions for compliance. Having an annual financial audit is necessary and a proactive practice to ensure that good accounting procedures are implemented and the accounting records and reports of SunBird are accurate. The auditor will be presenting the final report at the annual meeting and it will be available on the SunBird website. As in all previous years of independent financial audits at SunBird, we fully anticipate a “clean opinion,” which is the best opinion offered by an auditor.

One of the top reasons people want to move into SunBird is because of the friendliness of our community. This is a unique and complimentary characteristic to have as a community, especially during this challenging time in society. Let’s not forget this sometimes generally forgotten trait and continue to be kind and respectful to all people. SunBird is a great place to live because of the people!