Manager’s Report

This summer, Arizona had an unusual amount of rain, with an average increase of 400%. Sounds like a huge increase, but that amounts to a whopping four inches of rain. With that, it was assumed that this fall would be an ideal time to schedule road maintenance and repair work. During this scheduled roadwork, two days were postponed due to weather, causing inconveniences and confusion with road navigation through SunBird. However, the roads that were rescheduled have now been completed. The last and only section of road work left in SunBird to complete is in Unit 6B. This section of road will be having a slurry seal treatment, which is a thicker, and aggregate coating overlay. The work is scheduled for Monday and Tuesday, Nov. 15 and 16. This area will be closed to traffic and parking for 48 hours. After this is complete, all of the roads and parking lots will have been seal coated or slurry sealed.

The month of November is widely known as a time of thanksgiving and gratitude. SunBird has many veterans who live here and/or have family members who served or have passed on and/or have family members currently serving. We will be honoring all service personnel on Thursday, Nov. 11, outside the clubhouse at the flagpole for our Veterans Day service. Without the many sacrifices of our service people, we would not have the freedoms and luxuries of life we enjoy each day. Let’s show gratitude to our veterans and be thankful for what we have. Thank you for your service.

As the weather begins to cool and more residents begin to return to SunBird, we look forward to an exciting season. Many new activities and popular events have been planned for everyone. We anticipate the clubhouse and recreational facilities will be at full capacity, more than ever before, as we continue to expand our entertainment variety.

SunBird’s website has been updated and is updated regularly. Check our website to find out the latest news and information of what’s going on in SunBird. SunBird’s activities, meetings, calendars, clubs, groups, and organizations have contact information that can be accessed at The SunBird website has great information about SunBird and, most of all, the applications and forms needed. Come visit us.

We truly appreciate our many clubs, groups, and residents who help in various ways to make SunBird a great place to live! Have a wonderful Veterans Day and a Happy Thanksgiving!