Manager’s Report

Finally, the temperature has started decreasing from the scorching triple digits, and the nights are cooling off. At this time of year, many of our winter residents return to their SunBird homes to enjoy the good life. We welcome all back to SunBird, and we greatly appreciate all of those who have endured the hot and humid summer months.

Recently, a few cases of COVID-19 have been reported in SunBird. Two people who had been diagnosed with COVID-19, who had also been vaccinated, had mild symptoms. One person who was unvaccinated tragically passed. SunBird is asking everyone to be responsible for themselves and others. The CDC recommends, if not vaccinated or immune-compromised or concerned, to wear a protective face mask. If a person has signs of illness, has been recently exposed to someone with COVID-19, or is questioning their own health, please stay home, get tested for COVID-19, and seek medical attention. COVID-19 vaccinations are still being offered at many pharmacies and medical centers. We want to do our best to keep or minimize COVID-19 out of SunBird. Please join our continuing efforts to fight this battle.

Road maintenance work began in SunBird last month, first with crack sealing and then seal coating all of the asphalt roads in SunBird. At this point, the crack sealing has been completed, and the seal coating work is nearly half completed. The road work schedule for each specific road and block number is posted on the SunBird website and at the clubhouse. Paper copies are available in the clubhouse at the office. For asphalt seal coating work, the road being worked on the scheduled day will be closed to all traffic for 24 hours. If a vehicle needs to be used on the day of work on your street, please park on a road that is not scheduled for work that day. Should a delay due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances occur, the road work schedule will continue to be followed as scheduled. Sections postponed will be rescheduled for another date after the normal scheduled work is completed. For more information, please contact the SunBird office.

A common challenge in Arizona and throughout most parts of the country, which also affects SunBird, is finding new employees to fill positions for hire. Many any restaurants, retail stores, labor companies, and other service-related businesses have “Help Wanted” signs posted. Many of these places have limited operational hours and have placed signs out apologizing in advance for slower-than-normal service due to staffing shortages. The timeliness for some equipment, product, and supply orders has also been affected by this challenge. This has affected SunBird in ordering some supplies and parts to repair equipment as items break or are in need of repair. As the high season at SunBird approaches, we have been trying to gear up looking for additional staff members, purchasing products or equipment in advance to have on hand when and if needed. If a service is not provided or an item isn’t repaired as quickly as normal, please be patient and remember that there are many factors that contribute to this that are sometimes out of our control. We are all in this together.

This summer, SunBird began with some new and even more activities and events than any other previous summer, many of which have packed the Horizon Room to capacity. We are more excited, and we know everyone is also, to have an awesome year of having many more terrific activities and events. Lifestyle Director Wendy Weber has planned and scheduled new and more exciting activities and is looking forward to a fantastic fun time for all. Please keep up to date on all that’s going on in SunBird as they are posted on the website, posted around the clubhouse, and in our regular eblast emails to the community. We are looking forward to a great year!