Manager’s Report

Layne Varney, General Manager

The weather this spring has been great for enjoying the outdoors and life. During the month of May, the temperature has been in the 90s, for the most part, and on a few occasions, reached the low 100s. In June the temperatures are expected to rise to 110. Although the weather is extremely hot, the work goes on.

Summer maintenance and improvement projects scheduled include: road maintenance, common area landscape completion of replacing lights and irrigation system, tree and palm tree trimming, clubhouse exterior and interior improvement projects, and more.

The board of directors formed a Safety Task Force early in 2020 to inspect and research ways to minimize risk and increase safety while using SunBird facilities. Just after the first meeting and inspection of the entire clubhouse, the pandemic swept the world, and this work was placed on hold to address the new, current emergency. Now that a vaccination has been made available with many taking this opportunity and the cases have decreased significantly, the Safety Task Force has reconvened once again. Some of the first orders of business were updating the clubhouse AEDs, first-aid kits, and adding more prominent stair markings. The SunBird Lions Club generously made a donation to purchase three new AEDs and 14 first-aid kits in the amount of $5,750.79 for the clubhouse. These should all be installed early this summer. Other safety measures and projects are also being researched to continue the effort of minimizing risk.

During this past year, as home deliveries of almost any kind of product have increased tremendously, many of these services offer quick delivery in a short period of time. In SunBird, like almost everywhere, we have seen several of these trucks driving too fast, not stopping at signs, and not driving safely. Patrol has been focusing on this concern in SunBird over the past month. All delivery trucks entering SunBird at the gatehouse are being stopped and notified of this concern. Further, we are asking for their cooperation with compliance of the speed limits and other traffic safety restrictions. For the most part, we have noticed a difference. Delivery trucks are not the only offenders of traffic rules in SunBird. We are asking everyone to please join our efforts in following traffic rules by slowing down, making complete stops at signs, and driving cautiously everywhere, and especially in congested areas around the clubhouse.

Home sales in SunBird for the first four months of this year just missed record-breaking numbers from the year of 2003. During the month of April, 24 homes in SunBird sold, for a total of 70 for the year as of the end of that month. Homes in SunBird have appreciated in value to record highs. Realtors are reporting waiting lists of potential buyers for SunBird homes.

Please take a minute to visit our website at Located on the homepage is a blue colored box with the text “Surveys.” By selecting or clicking on the word “Survey,” the survey will appear. This is a one-question survey regarding the COVID-19 vaccination. The survey is completely anonymous and for the purpose only of learning what number of SunBird homeowners and residents have been vaccinated. This will help with the decisions and organization of future activities and events.

We appreciate the efforts of our many committees and group members who volunteer their time to improve and keep SunBird a great community. We especially offer a huge thanks to the SunBird Lions Club for their generous donation to clubhouse safety equipment, and all of the services they are involved in with other charity organizations. Let’s keep SunBird a fun and safe place to live!