Manager’s Report

Layne Varney, General Manager

SunBird Holiday Golf Cart Express Parade was a great experience, with nearly 200 golf carts participating in both nights of fun. Golf carts were decorated and drivers dressed up, met at the clubhouse, and separated into two groups to drive through the streets of SunBird, spreading holiday cheer. Many people were out in their driveways waving and offering wishes of Merry Christmas and a much better new year. Some locations had planned entertainment of performers, cookies, and even a trio of dancing Santa Claus. The holiday lights were fabulous throughout SunBird, and especially along South Oakmont Drive. So many of the homes decorated with lights in this area caused the Chandler Airport to redirect planes from attempting to land in this area (just kidding). It was two nights of fun for everyone and great to see people who have not been outside in months.

The painting project has been completed. The clubhouse, post office, gatehouse, swimming pool fence, and adjourning walls have been completed with fresh, new paint colors. This area now looks completely updated and modern. The balcony awnings prior to the new painting matched the old colors of the clubhouse and will be changed sometime this spring to coordinate with the new paint colors. The interior of the clubhouse has been updated over the past few years, and now the exterior is complete, looking like a brand-new building.

COVID-19 is on the rise in Arizona and is also affecting SunBird. Please follow the rules, guidelines, and mandates of disease prevention posted throughout the SunBird clubhouse and in every room. We need to work together to minimize the spread of disease. If you have been exposed to COVID-19 or have symptoms, please stay home and/or get tested. When quarantined, please consult with your physician or CDC for specific details. Just because a person does not have symptoms does not mean they are COVID-19-free. If a person is living in the same household with someone who has COVID-19 symptoms and are quarantined, other persons living in this same household should either be quarantined from that person completely, or not participate in routine activities or business until the quarantine period is complete with no symptoms.

As the year 2020 is now in the past, the annual independent financial audit is in progress. Each year, SunBird has a financial audit to research the financial statements, financial transactions, bank statements, accounting procedures, and other operations. This practice is done annually to have an outside second professional opinion offered on the validity of SunBird’s financial practices and reports. The audit should be completed before mid-March. The final report will be made available on the SunBird website. As always, we completely expect a “clean opinion” which is the best rating an auditor can offer any business.

This spring and summer, SunBird will be reviewing and updating the Replacement 20-year Schedule. This replacement schedule is a list of over 120 large assets SunBird owns with a projection of when it is anticipated to be replaced and the anticipated cost to replace it. The study also includes a savings plan to have funds saved and available when these assets need replacement, to minimize the chance of any financial surprises. The replacement study has been a major anchor in maintaining SunBird’s financial stability and in keeping SunBird facilities up to date.

One of the goals the board, Finance Committee, and management has been continually working on building a greater amount of funds in our Contingency Fund. The fund is primarily for emergency items or for shortfalls in the operations. Not too long ago, we had many discussions on what possible emergencies could occur at SunBird, as Chandler is relatively a safe area from natural disasters. And then COVID-19 hit. Emergencies and unforeseen incidents are just that; no one knows what is coming. Fortunately, we were able to navigate through the time period so far without having to use any of the current Contingency Funds. It’s best to be financially healthy and also be prepared for the unknown.

We appreciate everyone’s cooperation and understanding through these unprecedented times. Stay strong and healthy, and we will get through this difficult time together and return back to the “new normal” of fun and activity. Keep the faith.