Manager’s Report

Layne Varney

Happy New Year!

It’s hard to believe the year 2019 has come and gone, and 2020 is already here! Time is moving way too fast… It seems like just a few years back we were all concerned about the year 2000 change-over and all the computer and grid problems it was anticipated to create globally. That never happened.

In 2019, many improvement projects were completed in SunBird, and we are looking forward to continuing the positive progress this upcoming year. Improvement and maintenance plans scheduled and budgeted for this upcoming year will begin this spring and summer. These plans include: painting the exterior clubhouse with fresh, new, updated colors; update the clubhouse main floor restrooms; paint and update the ballroom and décor; update the fitness room flooring; continue phase three of the common area landscape irrigation replacement project, road maintenance, and replacement in some sections; and other miscellaneous projects.

With these projects and improvements scheduled and budgeted, it is important that SunBird has funding plans and good projections to maintain a healthy financial position. In order to keep SunBird’s existing buildings, facilities, roads, and equipment updated and attractive, SunBird has three savings accounts to help prepare for these current and future expenses. The Reserve Fund receives $140 from each lot annual homeowners’ dues and $800 from each SunBird home sale. This fund’s primary purpose is to save funds to have available for future replacement of existing major assets (this report projects out over the next 20 years). The Capital Improvement Fund receives $1,000 from each home sale. This fund’s purpose is for new and future improvement projects that typically do not already exist or are greatly upgraded. The Special Projects Fund receives $200 from each home sale and sometimes private donations. This fund is used for smaller or immediate improvement projects on a lower level.

SunBird also has a Contingency Fund account. The funding for this account is saved annually to help with any of the above-mentioned projects that may go over budget, unanticipated emergencies, and/or to the operations. The Contingency Funds come from $10 per home from the annual assessments of each lot and $500 from each new home sale in SunBird. The Auditor has recommended that SunBird have several months of cash saved additionally within our Contingency Fund as a good prudent business practice. With this new funding plan in place for the Contingency Fund, it is projected that in five years, or by the end of 2025, this goal could be accomplished. One of the keys to SunBird’s current and future success is staying financially healthy.

One of the ten board of directors’ goals set for 2019 was to compile a history of SunBird from the beginning of the development. This has recently been accomplished. Many of the old documents, reports, and minutes were reviewed all the way back to 1988 (more than 31 years of paperwork) to organize this report. The SunBird History can be found on the website at Select “Community & Homes,” then “About SunBird,” and finally “The History of SunBird.” There are about 15 pages of summarized information for each year. This information will help give a better perspective on how SunBird has evolved over the years. To enhance this history document, in the future, we will be adding photographs through the years. Stayed tuned.

As the year 2020 has begun and 2019 has ended, we are preparing and completing year-ending reports, tax information, license renewals, insurance, etc. The independent annual financial audit is also underway reviewing SunBird accounting practices, financial transactions, bank statements, and many other records prior to closing the year-ending books. The final audit report will be presented at the SunBird annual meeting on Monday, March 2, at 7 p.m. in the ballroom.

This is also the time of year when activities, events, recreational facilities, and amenities are in full swing and busier than ever. Thank you to our many volunteers and staff who help and assist in making this all such a great place to be. We hope you have an opportunity to enjoy all that SunBird has to offer.

Have a healthy and happy new year!