Manager’s Report

Residents enjoy the new bean bag baseball game!

The weather has been playing tricks on us all year and this still continues. Hot, then cool, then hot, then cool, but we all know what’s coming… and will be here to stay at the extreme hot temperatures through the summer months.

Last month, an email was received by many SunBird residents from “Sunbird Golf Resort.” That email was not from the SunBird Golf Resort Homeowners Association or Sunbird Golf Club. The imposter email provided a link/attachment for persons to click on for more information. Do not click on the link or attachment. Delete the email to eliminate any potential computer hacks. SunBird Golf Resort Homeowners Association official emails are from the following email address: [email protected] SunBird’s routine monthly email newsletters are sent the beginning of each month and sometimes during the month for additional information. If you have any questions about an email from SunBird, please feel free to contact the SunBird office at 480-802-4901 to confirm its validity.

SunBird has several improvement and maintenance projects planned for this summer that include the following areas: Sections of the clubhouse flooring will be replaced; an interior designer has been hired to assist with the flooring selection and design and to create a master plan for the clubhouse for future updates; common area landscape refurbishing plans will begin again with Phase 2 by continuing the replacement of the irrigation system with a much higher quality material and operators. Road work is also planned for several sections to preserve and maintain the asphalt. New ADA compliant stairway rails will be installed on the east and west ends of the clubhouse. The outdoor barbeque areas will have a new refrigerator and freezer to be integrated into the existing outdoor cooking area for improved events. SunBird has four courts for tennis, pickleball and a basketball goal; all of these courts were originally constructed with asphalt which had a very short life and develops cracks very easily. Sport courts 3 and 4 had the asphalt completely removed not too long ago and replaced with a post tension concrete to ensure a better playing surface and a much longer life. Sport courts 1 and 2 are budgeted and planned to have this same work conducted of removing the asphalt and replacing with post tension concrete. SunBird will have four excellent sport courts for these recreational activities.

The SunBird Marketing and Welcoming Committees have made big strides this year in each of their respective areas of focus. These committees had a joint meeting to find ways to work together and improve the welcoming of new residents and assisting them to have easier opportunities to get involved and feel part of the SunBird community. This upcoming fall, we will be hosting our new owner’s breakfast orientation meeting and will be giving the opportunity to all SunBird groups, clubs, classes and organizations to meet these new owners after the orientation at the clubhouse. They can then meet the new residents and share specific information about your group. The purpose is two-fold: one to help the SunBird clubs and groups to grow, gaining new membership, and also allow new owners an easier opportunity to join in the activities at SunBird. Other articles will be forthcoming with more specific details on how the groups can participate in this biannual event.

SunBird had its big game opening night of bean bag baseball. Six teams of six or more players on each and a crowd of fans gathered in the Horizon Room to play and watch the games. It was a Major League Hit. More homeruns were hit that night than at any Arizona Diamondbacks game. Cheers, Oohh’s and Aahh’s were heard during each of the games with high fives and lots of excitement. Come out and join a team or walk on or just come as fan and enjoy the fun! Check out our Summer Activities in this issue of the SunBird News for more information.

We look forward to a fun and productive summer here at SunBird. Thank you to all volunteers who pitch in and help out to keep SunBird an exciting place to live. Stay Cool!