Manager’s Report

It’s hard to believe how fast this winter, if that’s what we want to call it, went by! SunBird had a multiple variety of activities, recreational events, shows, tournaments and you name it almost every day. What a great time for everyone! We truly appreciate all those who organized and helped run these many fun events. Thank you!

One of the Board of Directors’ goals for this year was to have a Brainstorming Workshop with residents. The purpose of this goal was to gather as many thoughts and ideas as possible from homeowners for ways to continue to keep SunBird updated and look for possible future long plans. On March 23, the weather department contacted us to warn of some unusual weather activity in the SunBird area. We informed them it was a planned “Brainstorm” workshop and not to worry. Seriously though, we had about 150 residents attend this workshop in the ballroom. This was a terrific meeting with lots of suggestions. Once the list of over 100 ideas is compiled, it will be published for all to view, and the board will begin discussing and evaluating these ideas. Thank you to all those who attended and Nancy Eckstein for organizing this meeting!

The clubhouse room addition construction project start date has been slightly delayed from May to June. All of the approval permits for construction have been obtained; however, the large quantity of steel availability is very scarce at this time. The order of steel material has been secured for this project and is scheduled for delivery at SunBird in July. Preliminary work will begin in June with footers being dug and poured, columns set in place and other preparatory work. The equipment and construction material will be transported through the main doors to the clubhouse, through the hallway and back outside through the doors leading to the swimming pool area. Intricacy of this project, due to the location, will be very challenging and interesting to watch. We will take pictures of the progress of this project and post them on the website and our email blasts to keep everyone up to date on the progress of construction.

SunBird home sales started this year at a moderate pace and then have skyrocketed in the month of March. The home values have been appreciating at a rapid pace and are selling almost immediately on or before the sale sign is posted in the front yard. Realtors are reporting waiting lists of potential SunBird homebuyers looking for specific homes and locations. This is an excellent sign for both homeowners and SunBird, indicating people are interested in joining our fantastic community.

As the temperature of the weather is rising, some of our SunBird residents are beginning or have already left for the summer months. We wish everyone safe travels, good health and look forward to your return. We also appreciate the year-round residents who brave the extreme hot weather and look forward to a great summer.