Manager’s Report

It’s official! The Clubhouse swimming pool remodel project is in progress and moving right on time!

The Luau held to say good-bye to the pool was arguably the biggest, best party SunBird has ever had with over 350 in attendance. The roasted pig, chicken and all the fixings were excellent as all prepared by our food and beverage staff. The entertainment of the Royal Islanders’ live music throughout the evening and hula and fire dancers were fabulous; not to mention our very own dancing talent from within SunBird. The City of Chandler fire crew from station No. 10 on McQueen Road were invited and in attendance. The night was highlighted with the countdown of the draining the swimming pool with the crowd all surrounding the pool from the balconies and fence of the Clubhouse to watch. The firemen blasted a fire hose 100 plus feet into the air over the entire pool area and into the lake for a spectacular scene with everyone cheering. We want to thank all the many people involved to make this such an exciting and fun filled night that no one will ever forget.

Demolition preparation of the swimming pool started early the following morning. The real demolition work started Monday morning with heavy equipment trucks and tractors breaking up the deck, pool and walls. The construction site is quite a scene with the equipment, piles of rubble and loud noise. Pictures will be taken daily and will be posted on the website throughout the process at

The Post Office building roof tile is 27 years in age and was recently completely removed and re-felted to increase the life to many more years. The Clubhouse Ballroom flat roof was also treated, re-coated and re-sealed to increase the life of it another 15 years. Keeping the roofs in great condition is very important, especially for the turbulent monsoon rain storms that occur each summer.

Horizon Room food and beverage sales have increased significantly over the first quarter of 2015. Total sales have increased 34.5 percent over last year’s first quarter. The month of March reached a record high of sales by over $86,000 smashing the all-time monthly sales record by over $25,000. As of the end of the first quarter the operation is in the positive before we go into the slow summer months with so many residents leaving.

The Board of Directors recently took a field trip to some similar communities as SunBird to meet the managers, board members and tour the facilities. It was a very interesting experience meeting and talking with other community leaders who seem to have similar challenges. Later in the day lunch was had at the attorney’s office for training and updates on new HOA legislation. The entire day was a great learning experience and all agreed that SunBird has the best facilities and the place we’d like to continue living.

The 2016 budget process has started. Management and department heads have met with the Board of Directors to report of the operations and any necessary wants or needs for service or maintenance for the upcoming year. Past financial history and projected inflationary rates will all be reviewed. The preliminary budget numbers and projections will be developed and submitted to the Finance Committee for review this August and then submitted in September to the Board for final review, discussion and approval in October.

SunBird home sales have increased dramatically during the months of March and April. March had 17 home sales and April another 19 for a total of 36. The low number of SunBird homes for sale currently has created a list of potential buyers with many relators waiting to buy into SunBird. In the first week of May SunBird had an additional five home sales. This a good indicator of the desire and interest people have in wanting to join a fun and friendly community.