Manager’s Report

The year 2016 is nearing the end and 2017 is almost here. This year went by in a flash!

December is an extremely busy month, a variety of large activities and events planned almost every day. It is a lot of work preparing, setting up, decorating, carrying out and taking down many of these events. We appreciate all those who organize and help with these activities that could not be done without them.

The 18th annual SunBird Community Day was a huge success even though the day had some strong wind blowing smoke from the outside barbecue grills all around. The attendance was as big as ever with approximately 800 people passing through. The Ballroom was packed with SunBird organizations, vendors and service companies. Another great day in SunBird.

Veterans Day started with an exciting airplane fly-over of three Pitts bi-planes that was planned to fly directly over SunBird at 9:00 a.m. sharp leaving trails of smoke in honor of our many veterans. The lead pilot of the airplanes had different coordinates and flying in such a tight formation missed flying directly over the SunBird clubhouse. Some residents reported seeing the airplanes and trails of smoke elsewhere. It’s the thought that counts. The Veterans Day service was held in the ballroom with excellent songs and thoughts of inspiration. SunBird has many veterans and families of veterans living here. Let us always remember them.

Recently the SunBird Garden Club, along with the landscape crew, completed the enhancements to the northwest corner of Cooper Road and Hunt Highway. This summer a large “SunBird Golf Resort” sign was installed in this area to put SunBird on the map along Hunt Highway. The angled block wall was painted a new accent color and the SunBird Garden Club purchased two huge five foot landscape pots. This area has also been updated with new landscaping giving this highly visible corner a great impression of SunBird to those driving by.

A long term plan is currently being developed in the very early stages to revitalize most of the common area landscape in SunBird. With SunBird approaching 30 years of age, the irrigation lines are deteriorating and in need of replacement. When the common areas were originally installed, they were over planted with too many plants, bushes and trees to give a quick green lush look to the new areas. When the plants and trees matured it was obvious that too much had been planted with trees and branches encroaching over homes, bushes and plants growing onto patios and walkways. A better landscaped common area with plants, bushes and trees planted properly and in the right areas with a new irrigation system would benefit SunBird with an improved look and lower maintenance expense. The SunBird landscape supervisor, Garden Club and Long Term Planning Committee are working together on developing these plans that will be submitted to the Board for future review and discussion.

Many improvements were made in SunBird this past year to the Clubhouse, roads and the addition of two brand new bocce ball courts. We look forward to another successful year in 2017 and appreciate all those who assist in making SunBird a great place to live!

Have a wonderful and happy Holiday Season!