Manager’s August Report

Layne Varney, General Manager

The heat is on! Temperatures have been rising toward the 120-degree mark. SunBird had its first monsoon-type storm with strong wind with clouds of thick dirt followed by a quick heavy downpour of rain, lightning, and thunder. Some trees in the common areas were damaged or blown over and landscape debris littered all throughout SunBird. The mess was cleaned and, all in all, no major damage to report of.

Notice: Late this past June and July, in response to the COVID-19 increased cases, Arizona State Governor Doug Ducey made some mandatory orders. One of the orders is that people wear protective face masks when entering in and/or in public buildings and when social distancing is not possible. In SunBird, this means that anyone who enters the clubhouse (including all rooms, hallways, and anywhere in the clubhouse), post office, or laundry room must wear a face mask. We appreciate the many people who have been complying with this new order to help prevent the disease spread of the COVID-19 virus. This protective face mask order is mandatory and not an option. Please comply with the face mask protective order to increase safety and to help SunBird from having to potentially face penalties and/or complete closure if mandate is not followed. At this same time of the protective face mask wearing order, all gyms and fitness centers in Arizona were also closed for at least 30 days. Hopefully, at the time of receiving this report, Arizona is in better control of the disease.

As the State of Arizona and many other states and areas around the world have restrictions still in place for the prevention and spread of the COVID-19 virus, SunBird is still following the orders and directives from the Arizona State Governor and CDC. In previous correspondence, it has been noted of the many changes, updates, and use limitations for the clubhouse and facilities. This does not mean returning to use the clubhouse and/or facilities is for everyone at this time. SunBird has a high-risk population, and we want to be responsible, and everyone should be responsible in doing their part to comply with the efforts to reduce the spread of any disease. Everyone has a different medical history, background, risk, tolerance, and comfort level.

We are closely following the governor’s and CDC’s leadership, orders, and guidelines as best as possible. Governor Doug Ducey, in an Arizona State address in July, ordered that dine-in service occupancy at restaurants be no greater than 50% of the established fire code occupancy maximum. When dine-in services were permitted again in May, the Horizon Room voluntarily reduced the maximum occupancy to 40% of the maximum fire code occupancy. Staying at home is the safest place. Arizona Department of Health Services Director Dr. Cara Christ stated in July at an Arizona State address about leaving your home to first “consider; Where you are going? Why you are going? and Who is going to be there?”

To minimize direct person-to-person contact, SunBird has made available new options for conducting business. Many business items related to the Administrative office can be done online through our website at and email at [email protected] New: The SunBird website now has all forms and applications in a fillable format that can be completed online and submitted via email to the office. Directions are displayed on the website to make this an easy experience for all to use. The office telephone has an answering machine allowing messages to be left any time of day or night, and a return call will be made the following business day. Three drop boxes for correspondence, payments, or other items have been conveniently located in and around the clubhouse area: 1) large drop box just outside the clubhouse main doors, 2) a drive-up black drop box near the post office in the parking lot that can accessed from your golf cart or vehicle window, and 3) a drop slot in the clubhouse located just to the right of the front office windows. Food from the Horizon Room can be ordered ahead of time for take-out or curbside delivery at the clubhouse. If you can and are comfortable, please support our Horizon Room for take-out and/or dine-in services.

We are all committed and trying to do our best to keep SunBird a great place to live. Stay safe and healthy!