“I Love Lori” 2014 Fall Extravaganza November 19-20

Dr. Maddy Paschal

A few times in our lives we feel the urge to sing out loud! Sometimes we tap our feet to the rhythm of a really good song. We may even move our hips back and forth, side to side and pray no one is watching. And if we can’t seem to muster the courage to do these crazy things then we clap really hard for someone who does! Right?

SunBirders have long been accepting of a tradition to put together their hands, hearts, dance moves and pocketbooks in order to ring in the season, to proclaim that winter and good weather are finally back and to create lots of noise, laughter, and music in the Sunbird Ballroom every November! And, this November is no exception; well, it is, sort of. Once again the Ballroom doors will open on November 19 and 20 around 7:00 pm with, of course, the happy place (bar) beginning its annual fall reunion at 6:00 sharp.

This year, the SunBird Golf Resort takes pride in announcing the “I Love Lori” 2014 Fall Extravaganza hosted by some of your favorite entertainers and a few new faces as well! And the entire show is dedicated to one very special SunBirder, Lori Littrell! If you don’t know Lori, you will want to by the time the evening is over. You see, Lori is the person you always wanted to have as your best friend. You know the one who is the kindest and the coolest. She is the one you could tell everything to and never have to worry how far it would go. And, she is the daughter of the greatest parents a girl could have, Doris and Norm Littrell. And she is, once again, fighting cancer.

Come join Lori, her family and a host of the best entertainment Tucson and the East Valley have to offer as we honor Lori’s exuberance for life and music.

The I Love Lori 2014 Fall Extravaganza is an evening packed full of extraordinary, uplifting and slightly outrageous music of the night. Tickets are $15 each and can be purchased ahead of time at the SunBird office or at the door beginning at 6:00 p.m. both evenings. You’ll be glad you did – we promise!