Lions and LEOs install new officers

Lion Fred Garmesom, Lion Harriet Johnson who received the Melvin Jones Fellowship Award from the SunBird Lions Club, Lion Jerry Johnson and Past Director Lion David L. Roberts

Lion Jo Moffett receiving from Lion Fred Garmeson the Progressive Melvin Jones Fellowship Award at the 24th Anniversary Dinner

The SunBird Lions Club held its 24th Anniversary Installation Dinner on Wednesday, April 17, 2019, in the SunBird Community Center. Past International Director David L. Roberts was the guest speaker and installed the Lion and LEO officers.

The SunBird Lions Club 2019-2020 officers will be President Lion Bill Hespel, V.P. Lion Gordon Olson, Reporting Secretary Lion PDG Fred Garmeson, Recording Secretary Lion Marilyn Hespel, Treasurer Lion Don Buss, Lion Tamer Lion PDG Ray Clark, Tail Twister Lion Marcia McHugh, Two-year Directors Lion Carol Zittel and Lion Bill Koenig, One-year Directors Lion Sonja Haeffner and Lion Pat Scott. Membership Chair will be Lion Irene Zepplin, and the LCIF Club Coordinator is Lion PDG Fred Garmeson.

The Basha High School LEO Club officers will be President LEO Gabby Allara, V.P. LEO Maddy Aschmann, Secretary LEO Destiny Doan, Treasurer LEO Geigeta Medugula and Historian LEO Emily Yu. The LEO Advisor is Corrine Alexander.

LEO Inaara Peermohammed received a $500 scholarship from the SunBird Lions.

Lion Harriet Johnson received a Melvin Jones Fellowship. Lion Jo Mottet received a Progressive Melvin Jones Fellowship. A Melvin Jones Fellowship is the highest recognition a club can present for dedicated service to the club and the community. A Progressive Melvin Jones Fellowship is a higher-level Fellowship.