Line Dancing with Judee

The reward in teaching line dancing is when you see what the dancers are doing now compared to a year ago. Some of the dancers in the Basics Plus Class have only been dancing for a year or two. Not only were they happy learning and dancing Higher and Higher, Queen of My Heart and Over the Rainbow, I was even happier because they are three of my favorite dances and I was able to dance them again.

The dancers in the Basics Class are now learning more difficult dances and working very hard to adjust to dances with more syncopation. Sing, Sing, Sing has been fun as it has a neat introduction, it’s danced to the great Benny Goodman and even though it’s danced half time, it is a good workout.

Our dancing snowbirds have mostly left us and we already miss them and are thinking about their return. In the meantime the Ultra Basics Class dancers are full time residents and they are doing slightly more difficult dances in that class.

If you have never attended my classes in SunBird’s Ballroom and want to join us, I will be happy to take your name and register you for the classes starting in September. You may call me, Judee Curtis, at 480-802-0201 after 10:00 a.m. and I will put you on a starting list in September.

In the meantime we will be dancing the month of May and a few classes in June. We will not be dancing in July and August. When we dance we are exercising our bodies but mostly our minds while we are escaping this crazy world! God Bless line dancing!