Line Dancing with Judee

Judee Curtis

Oh yes, it’s true! Time flies when you’re having fun and we certainly have proven that! We do want others to have fun with us.

Dancers new to this activity may register now, any day for the line dance classes restarting Monday, January 4, 2016, by calling 480-802-0201 after 10:00 a.m. Be sure to call before Sunday, January 3 to save your spot on the dance floor. New dancers will not be registered for the months of November and December 2015.

You will be registering for the 12:00 Noon Ultra Basic Line Dance Class arriving by 11:45 a.m. with $2 correct change for easier and faster check-in.

You will be taught the steps and patterns for the easy dances you will be dancing. I use consistent words for what your feet will be doing. You need to be able to move safely on the floor by yourself while you are given instructions and dancing the dance. You need to be able to hear the directions and understand what I am saying. I do not use a microphone. Our amazing Ballroom has the best acoustics and I don’t need one. It’s a good thing because I do not stay in one spot while teaching dances and dancing. Oh, yes, I dance with everyone. I like the dances I teach and I love the music I play. Luckily, I’ve made good choices in these areas because the dancers seem to like my choices. They actually recognize the songs I play and even know the artist.

Based upon your ability to remember my instructions for the footwork of the dance, the sequence of the dance and your rhythm which is dancing to the beat of the music, you have the opportunity to move to the time slot where we do slightly more difficult dances. Will everyone be at the same rate of progression? No. Did we all learn the ABCs, bridge, tennis, golf, etc. at the same rate? I don’t think so.

Line dancing is great exercise for the body and mostly the mind. We do not do footwork that is so complicated that you can’t remember them. Yes, it is good to be able at our age to remember. “Low impact line dancing for those over the age of 45 can ease levels of depression and in some cases stave off early signs of Alzheimer’s.” This is a direct quote from the Dancing for the Dream Corp. founded in 2003 by Scooter Lee and Jo Thompson Szymanski. These are two names are very familiar to my dancers as I use Scooter’s music and Jo’s dances besides many other choreographers. We also dance to Madonna, Celine Dion, Ronnie Milsap, Statler Brothers, Keith Urban, Bobby Darin, Bellamy Brothers, Benny Goodman, Cliff Richards, Dan Fogerty, The Carpenters and George Strait, just to mention a few.

“Dancing with your feet is one thing. Dancing with your heart is another.” Proudly, while having fun, we do both! Come dance with us and escape this crazy world!