Line Dancing with Judee

Have you called Judee at 480-802-0201 after 10:00 a.m. to register for the Ultra Basics Class starting Monday, September 7 at noon in the SunBird Ballroom for $2 to learn line dancing? Yes, I went back to $2 because I can control that price vs. I can’t control gas prices, groceries, etc. If you are reading this article, you are eligible to register. The noon class is designed for new people and as the afternoon progresses, we will be doing more difficult dances customized to the dancers on the floor.

A free Steps and Patterns Class is given each month to all dancers in my classes so we can practice steps and patterns with the goal to dance them automatically. This in one of the secrets to becoming a good line dancer.

New dances for the Basics Plus and Beyond Basics Classes were previewed on July 27. I’ve never done this before and the feedback was very positive. It’s nice to know when dancers like the dances I’ve chosen and especially if they like the music. Many dances were previewed and some with several song choices. When songs have different people liking them, we just keep them so we can change songs. When you do this, it’s like dancing different dances. Line dancers become better dancers when they are able to adapt to different songs and not be locked in to just one song, especially if you go to a club or local dance and you are at the mercy of the band or DJ. Dancers can pick a dance they know from my classes and dance to different songs. This applies to dances learned in Ultra Basics and Basics classes also.

My philosophy for line dancing is to teach and dancers listen, learn and dance. We all have fun while learning because we are dancing to great music while exercising our minds and bodies. It is a great escape from this crazy world. God bless line dancing!