Line Dancing with Judee

Judee Curtis

Being in our own little bubble since March 14, i.e., going for essentials, no company, no traveling and very few take outs, has kept us isolated but well. Some dancers have their own bubbles similar to ours. Others have “bubbles” with more activity and socialization. I’ve made a very sad and hard decision that I don’t want to “bust our bubbles”! As our son has told me many times, “It’s hard to do the right thing, but it is always right.” We will not be returning to Line Dance Classes in 2020.

The figures on COVID have not been that good in order to say it’s safe for us to restart. All the protocol we would have to follow, i.e., cleaning before and after classes, making sure we get it all covered, and wondering, “what lingers in the air?” Plus, could everyone hear me? Just writing this has taken the fun out of dancing! Go ahead, call me a worrier. It’s actually what I do best!

We also are still mourning the loss of three of our dancers: Gail from SunBird, Laura from Sun Lakes Phase 1, and Kin from Oakwood. We extend our sympathies to their families. We will definitely miss them, as they leave three big holes on our dance floor and in our hearts.

I will be turning in a schedule for 2021 and pray that we will be able to safely meet. We are looking at our larger number in January, and I will not be taking any more new dancers. I’ve already started a “Coming Back in the Fall 2021 list.” I truly hope we will be able to return in January, as I’ve already picked the dances for all three levels, and I’m rewriting step sheets. There are dances with more than one song for the dancers to choose their favorite.

After 20-plus years, it has been very hard not to be teaching and dancing with some of the nicest people I’ve ever met. I miss dancing, the dancers, going out to eat, shopping, movies, our annual trip to see our son, everything! I look forward to teaching and dancing again when it is safe for all of us. God Bless Line Dancing!