Line Dancing with Judee


The current year-round line dancers who’ve been with me for years, the new year-round dancers, plus the “coming back” dancers, aka “snowbirds” for years have always been appreciated. Even more so with my “new hiccup.” It (the hiccup) can be called several things besides “annoying” and “a little painful.” “Bad bones” and “old age” are the first that come to mind.

This latest “hiccup” has validated the saying, “Misery loves company!” I’m not the only one with this “annoyance.” Dancers have shared their similar situations, their successful surgeries, how to avoid pain, etc. We also are sharing our time while teaching/learning line dances and dancing! I’ve always taught how to place our bodies at angles, altered a move or pattern to help our bodies, tossed dances that I knew were going to be a problem with bodies, etc. Now I really know the results and will continue to try to keep all of us on the dance floor. The dancers have become better dancers because they are listening and learning dances with the words I give them, plus dancing the dance. It’s a beautiful sight to see!

If you want to learn line dances, be taught what you do with your feet, practice what you learn in class, attend classes regularly, be healthy enough to move for over an hour and hear instructions, you might want to register now for the Ultra Basic Class on Mondays at 11:30 a.m. in the SunBird Ballroom for $2 starting Monday, September 2 (yes, Labor Day). You need to register by calling 480-802-0201 after 10:00 a.m.

Thank you to the dancers who have helped me get in and out of the ballroom, put up chairs, take down chairs and especially being really good friends with your love, caring, sharing and praying. I will teach as long as I can “talk!” We are escaping this Crazy World plus taking our minds off our “annoyances” and “hiccups!” God Bless Line Dancing!