Line Dancing with Judee

A few classes in June were cancelled because my husband had a hip replacement. New procedures make this surgery amazing with a speedy recovery. I’ve had several dancers with hip or knee replacements and other medical issues. When line dancing helps dancers forget their physical pain, it’s such good feeling for all involved. Line dancing also helps emotional issues because dancers are concentrating on instructions/directions for the dances, dancing the dance but more importantly listening to the music I play for the dances plus getting exercise. I don’t always play the song the choreographer/s suggest for their dances, but the songs I choose always fit the dance and is recognizable to the point of singing along if the dance can be done automatically. I also use current music with clean lyrics because we want to be hip, cool or whatever they are calling it now.

Do all of my dancers have problems? No, we do have some lucky dancers or dare we call them normal (whatever that might be)? When we are dancing we escape this crazy world as one big group doing the same dance, having fun with smiles on our faces, as we do our ta-da, curtsies/bows or clapping at the end of a dance. Why don’t you escape with us? Plus you’ll be meeting the nicest people on top of being taught what you are doing with your feet so you can dance the dances. God bless line dancing!

You can register now for the Ultra Basic Class which starts on Monday, September 5 (yes, Labor Day) in the SunBird Ballroom at noon for $2. Dancers come early for faster check-in so we can start dancing at noon. If you have line dancing experience, Judee may give you an opportunity to move into a higher level so eventually you may be dancing in two classes at the same rate of $2; plus I give a two hour free steps and patterns class to registered dancers monthly. That’s the best bargain in line dancing you’ll find anywhere.

To register call 480-802-0201 after 10:00 a.m. I always answer if I hear the phone. If I don’t, after four rings, leave a slow, loud, articulate message with your phone number so I can call you back. It’s best to get your name on the list that’s started now for this class because I need to watch my number of dancers to allow spaces for the returning dancers who have their names on the coming back list and I’m saving their spot for classes. If you are reading this article, you may register for my classes.