Line Dancing with Judee

Judee Curtis

We are fortunate to continue classes through June even if it’s a little warm and windy outside. God bless AC! The year round line dancers are now able to dance the dances learned with ease and have found it’s fun to try different songs with dances they’ve been doing. By doing these changes, it makes it seem like a different dance. This also helps dancers become better dancers because they are not “locked into a certain song for a certain dance.” We also know there are dances that are locked either by design of the dance, arrangement of song or we just really like that song with that dance! Plus learning new dances.

A line dance danced by dancers just doesn’t happen! Line dancers probably went to a class to learn the dance they are doing. More than likely they paid an instructor to learn that dance. Instructors spend a lot of time finding the right dance for their students, spend time learning to do the dance plus learning to teach it to their students plus paying their ASCAP license which allows them to play music in a public place. Therefore, line dance etiquette comes into play. Dancers who don’t take lessons and stand by one that does and tries to pick up the dance on the fly is having fun at the expense of that dancer who might have just learned the dance. This also becomes a real danger to that dancer and themselves not knowing the direction of the dance. People in this area are lucky to have choices of classes. By choosing a class and learning line dances makes it fun for everyone!

Oh, yes, this does not include “Electric Slide,” “Elvira,” “Cupid Shuffle,” “Strokin’,” “Mambo No. 5,” etc. done at our local dances. Most of these are danced on the fly. These are only five of thousands of line dances created by choreographers taught in classes. Why not give line dance classes a try and learn dances with waltz, jazz, blues, swing, cha cha, mambo, rhumba, night club, etc. tempos? It is a great way to keep the mind going, keep the body going and meeting some really nice people.

If you are new and would like to join my classes in September, call as soon as you make this decision so I can save you a spot. You will be registering for the Ultra Basic Class for $2 on Mondays at noon in the SunBird Ballroom starting September 5 or when it fits in your schedule that month. Call 480-802-0201 after 10:00 a.m. Please leave a slow, distinctive message including name and phone number if I don’t make it to the phone. You will relate to the fact that there are a lot of robo telemarketer, survey, scamming calls and I’m avoiding them by waiting for an interested “I want to learn line dancing caller!” Looking forward to your call. Come and escape with us from this crazy world! God bless line dancing!