Line Dancing with Judee

This “J” for choices of a line dance teacher is Judee Curtis, full-time resident in SunBird for 22 plus years. I’ve taught line dancing in this area for 16 plus years. The students in my classes are from SunBird, Sun Lakes and surrounding communities. Many people who have come to me never line danced before or even been on a dance floor. I don’t know who is more thrilled and proud when new dancers are actually dancing, learning and still having fun! Me or the dancer. It is a great feeling for all of us when we finish a dance, people clap, smile and are ready for the next one. That’s why I’m still teaching and dancing!

Another reason I’m still teaching and dancing is because the dancers who are in the more difficult, harder dance class AKA Beyond Basics are learning dances that I had rested which were some of my favorites i.e. River of Dreams, Over the Rainbow and Love. They are willing to take on a new dance and look at it as a challenge. They learn the dance well enough to dance it and anxious to do it again to seal it in plus dance all the others learned since September. This includes the dances from the Ultra Basic and Basics classes. They are able to dance for two and one-half hours for $2 because they love to dance as much as I do. Yea! Yes, after the classes we are tired, but it’s a good tired!  Some of the dances we do are described by us as therapy.

I may have a spot for you now if you are an experienced line dancer and a full-time resident of SunBird. The classes are in the SunBird Ballroom on Mondays starting at noon for $2. The only way you can be registered is to call me after 10:00 a.m. at 480-802-0201 before the Monday you want to attend. If you are a new dancer I can register you for my September classes. I already have some on that list and have to watch my numbers so I’m legal with my license that allows me to have 75 dancers. This is the first year in all the 16 plus years that I’ve had to make this statement. Must be doing something right which is actually teaching what you do with your feet, give you a word for steps and patterns, give a free S and P class monthly, have two dances a year for all classes to dance together, know the names of all dancers and care about making sure they are learning. It’s more fun to dance if you know what your feet are doing and knowing the dances. It’s a great escape from this crazy world plus exercising your body but mostly your mind. God bless line dancing!