Line Dancing with Judee

Now is the time to start the New Year with a class that exercises your body but mostly your mind. If you answer yes to these questions, give me a call and I will register you for Ultra Basics Class at noon in the SunBird Ballroom for $2 starting Monday, January 4. This charge is for the time you dance. Depending on your experience with LD, you may be asked to stay longer.

Is your body able to do low impact dancing? If walking is painful, dancing may not help, plus it won’t be fun. Talk to a doctor. Is this a good choice for you? On the flip side, I have dancers who have had hip and knee replacements and their doctors tell them, “Whatever you are doing has really been good for you.” This statement by doctors has also been heard by dancers who have had treatments for cancer, strokes and brain problems and/or surgeries. Dancing for the Dream Foundation created by Scooter Lee and Jo Thompson Szymanski has “proven that low impact line dancing for those over the age of 45 can ease levels of depression and in some cases stave off early signs of Alzheimer’s.” Line dancing is not a cure for mind and body problems but a preventive if caught early.

2. Can you hear directions? I do not use a microphone because the acoustics in our Ballroom are amazing. My music is easily heard plus you will recognize and love the songs I play. I do not stay in one place when teaching and dancing. I actually give you directions that you can understand, learn, apply to the dances taught your first day and you will be dancing with us.

3. Are you willing to learn? I teach what you do with your feet in every dance I teach. I suggest and encourage you not to follow. It’s actually fun to learn. I know this because I see dancers smiling with their eyes along with their mouth when they dance what they have learned and have said to me, “That was really fun!” and “I love the way you teach.”

4. Are you willing and can you commit to learning line dancing? Dancers should be able to commit to at least three months of attending classes. A shorter time to attend would mean I didn’t give you a full picture of line dancing. It’s not fair to learn just an appetizer when line dancing is a full meal plus dessert. If you are a fulltime resident, you will get the full picture of line dancing i.e. your appetizer, full meal and dessert. Line dancing doesn’t just happen. Regular attendance definitely makes a difference in the success and progress of learning. Everyone learns at a different pace i.e. tennis, golf, bridge, ABC’s, etc. Line dancing is not rocket science. Thank goodness! Plus, we only have two feet. YEA!

If you are still reading this, you must be able, interested and eligible to register. Call me now, Judee Curtis, after 10:00 a.m. and before January 3 to register for the Ultra Basics Class restarting on Monday, January 4. Come join us and escape this crazy world. God bless line dancing!