Line Dancing with Judee

Judee Curtis

After teaching for 17+ years, I’m amazed that Line Dancing is misunderstood. 1) You don’t need a partner to Line Dance. 2) Dances taught in my classes probably won’t be seen unless dancers go in a group to a dance and dance the dances they were taught. “LD Etiquette: Dance only the dances you are taught.” 3) If there were 10 different classes, there could be 10 different dances taught. Teachers can choose from thousands of dances. 4) If there is a popular song, there could be 15, more or less, different dances. Choreographers choose the music for their “dance routine,” and the dance could be titled differently than the music chosen. 5) All types of music can be used for line dances. If there is just Country Western, Current Pop, Latin, etc., music used, it is because the person in control of the floor or class chooses the music to be played.

There are different styles of teaching. I definitely teach what you do with your feet and give Free Steps and Patterns classes, plus a written packet so dancers can practice what is taught. The key to learning LD is knowing the Steps and Patterns because they will be in dances taught. “Following” is discouraged in my classes. If that habit will not go away, a dancer may still enjoy doing dances; however, I am totally unable to help them “learn.” The dancers who have “learned” from me tell me never to change my method of teaching. They have also found out it’s a lot more “fun” to dance because they know what they are doing with their feet, they learn faster, they get to hear the great music being played and are proud of what they have accomplished! It’s hard to tell who is more proud, the dancers or me!

You register for tennis, golf, pickleball, Bridge, Poker and other activities. They probably have people who teach these activities because you just don’t join a foursome, a double, a table if you don’t know how to do the activity. For anyone who would like to learn Line Dancing at SunBird in the Ballroom on Mondays at noon, you may register now for the September classes by calling 480-802-0201 after 10:00 a.m. LD is good for your mind and body, plus we escape from this crazy world while we are learning, dancing and having fun! God Bless Line Dancing!