Line Dancing with Judee

Judee Curtis

The rewards of learning and teaching line dancing come to surface when we have a “dance,” i.e., December before Christmas break and March before our snowbirds “fly away.” We were lucky to have half the group attending March 5 as “life” gets in the way of “pleasure” sometimes, i.e., illness with dancers or family members, injuries, company comes to Arizona, baseball and the “Cubbies,” dancers take trips, etc. We miss the dancers who can’t come; however, we still have fun dancing the dances taught since January. We pose for the picture, and prizes are given out with a different twist this time. The dancers “earned” their prizes by “remembering info given in class.” Everyone did a great job dancing and remembering.

Yes, “remembering” is a key word for enjoying and having FUN with line dancing. There are other choices when it comes to dancing. Line dancing does not need a partner, because you “learn” on your own in your “safe space” in lines. A teacher starts with a step sheet with instructions by a choreographer, otherwise known as a “dance routine.” The teacher learns the dance and teaches the dance so the dancers know what to do with their feet. There is “footwork” in a line dance, and the way a dancer really learns a dance is to be taught the dance. Emphasis is on “safe line dancing” in my classes, i.e., “not following” for the safety of the dancer and other dancers; plus, only dancing dances that have been taught to you for “safety of dancers” in classes or anywhere you choose to line dance.

If you really want to exercise both your mind and body, you will enjoy my classes. I’m taking registrations now for classes starting September 4; yes, Labor Day! I already have a new class list started, plus spots saved for “returning dancers from this year.” You will be registering for Ultra Basics in the SunBird Ballroom on Mondays at noon for $2. If you have no physical problems, i.e., really bad knees, hips, respiratory problems, hearing, you will enjoy and be able to learn line dancing from me. I give you words for every foot you use in the dances taught. Eventually, dancers take “ownership” of the dance and we just DANCE! Call 480-802-0201 after 10:00 a.m. Come “escape with us from this crazy world!” God Bless Line Dancing!