Library: Did you know?

Nancy Smith

Did you know:

1. That 2,867 good used books were given to charities in 2016.

2. That many damaged books (coffee spills, water-soaked pages, animal chewing) were recycled.

3. That a cover without the book is nothing.

4. That there are 12 volunteers donating their time to shelve, every day of the week.

5. That VHS is no more. Don’t donate it.

6. We are not a public library, nor a research library.

7. That you cannot take our books out of state. They don’t find their way home.

8. Our library no longer accepts Cooking, Pets, VHS, Arts/Crafts, Travel or How-To.

9. We welcome your out-of-state brochures. We’re interested in where you’re from.

10. There is no check-out system in our SunBird library. We trust that you will obey our honor system.