Let Joyful DOWNSIZING Simplify Your Life

Kim Kubsch

Ask yourself: Do I have too much stuff? Are my closets and cabinets a mess? Do I really need all these clothes? How do I determine what to take with me if and when I decide to move? Do my kids want my stuff? Now is the time to stop procrastinating, take action, and let Joyful DOWNSIZING remove the “overwhelm” from these challenges.

After spending 30 years continually assisting friends and family in clearing the clutter and organizing their homes, Kim Kubsch created Joyful DOWNSIZING.

Joyful DOWNSIZING helps homeowners to get organized now, rather than later. Whether you are anticipating a future transition, reducing from two homes to one, creating a blended family, or just want to “clean up your piles and messes,” Joyful DOWNSIZING is the ideal service for you. Assistance is also available to donate to your favorite charity, dispose of unwanted items, and/or sourcing the best method to sell your treasures, keepsakes, or unwanted items. Working with Kim, you will not only have fun but also be left with a joyful feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment.

As a Certified Organizational Specialist, Kim’s services encompass numerous activities to include:

* Declutter and simplify

* Organize remaining items

* Downsize and remove unwanted stuff

Living an organized life is the only way Kim knows how to live. Why? Having moved 25 times in 64 years (both domestic and international), downsizing has been a frequent part of her life.

Kim’s clients praise her expertise in decluttering, downsizing, and dealing with the challenge of “letting go” as being extremely efficient, organized, and resourceful in the most pleasant way. Here’s what Wayne from Gilbert had to say: “Kim was so helpful when downsizing twice—from a single family to assisted living in 2015 and to memory care home in 2020. Immediately, she gave us a spatial concept of what to take and what to remove. By minimizing our stuff six months before every move, each process went very smoothly.”

Stop procrastinating—contact Kim for a 30-minute FREE consultation to strategize how to downsize your home. Scheduling time to address your wish list is done in three-hour increments. Choose from either 9 a.m. to noon or 1 to 4 p.m., Monday through Thursday. Rest assured, she will be by your side to make it a pleasant, productive, and fruitful experience!

For those familiar with Kim as a Tai Chi-Qi Gong instructor for older adults, BETTER Balance coach, or Neighbors Who Care volunteer, you now have another opportunity to enjoy her passion for assisting older adults. Learn how to live joyfully as you begin the process of “letting go.”

Commencing in November, look for helpful hints in Kim’s monthly column in the Splash as she shares organizational techniques for your home, one room at a time.

Contact Kim to learn about her free 30-minute consultation:

Phone: 480-720-8566

Email: [email protected]

Website: www.JoyfulDOWNSIZING.com