Lapidary Club News

As most individuals make New Year’s resolutions and say that they will follow through on them this time around, eventually, like in preceding years, they are either soon dropped or forgotten. The Lapidary Club has a better way of starting the new year. Come to our meeting on Friday, Jan. 7, at 9 a.m. in the Lakeview Room, and see and hear of all the possibilities to learn a new hobby and bring a new sense of joy and excitement into your life.

In being a member of the Lapidary Club, you can take classes in learning how to take rocks and make polished stones and gems for all sorts of jewelry, how to work with silver in making jewelry and other fine objects, how to make dishes and other creative ornaments through the process of fused glass, and how to make stained-glass creations and other such things as Ming trees, rock art, wire wrap, and the lost wax process. The classes are free to members. The equipment has been upgraded and increased, and the supplies are plentiful to start your project, and everyone is supportive and encouraging in sharing their new skills. So, the possibilities are endless for anyone and everyone to learn, create, gain confidence, and produce fascinating artful creations.

There is a display case next to the Lapidary Shop on the upper floor of the clubhouse to see a few of the items that are done in the Lapidary Club. If the door is open, feel free to drop in and talk with someone about what they are doing and your interest.

Happy New Year!