Lapidary Club enjoys record membership levels

Members of the SunBird Lapidary Club (rocks, glass and jewelry) enjoyed the annual Winter Party in January as activities in the shop reached a seasonal peak. The addition of a new kiln and ring saw have helped meet the high demand for SunBird residents wanting to learn and pursue the slumped glass arts at the weekly Saturday morning classes. The initial classes for the year in both basic rock cutting/polishing and silversmithing have been completed with graduates now authorized to pursue the arts on their own, and more classes will be held if there is interest. Classes are also underway for rock art; wire wrap jewelry; stained glass; Ming trees and beading.

The SunBird Lapidary Club manages the HOA Shop on the second floor of the Clubhouse where a newly installed display case shows the various types of beautiful projects produced by members. Classes are taught by the more experienced club members; scheduled based on demand expressed at meetings and teacher availability. The club is open to any SunBird resident and interested parties should contact the officers or instructors and attend the next meeting to be held March 6. The final meeting of the season will be on April 3 as plans are made for the fall of 2015. Meetings are the first Friday of each month at 9:30 a.m. in the Hopi room October to April. The final social event, the end of the year party, will take place on March 20.