Lady 18ers Golf

Well, May Day has passed and we still have a few lady golfers here in SunBird. The weather has been hot and pretty windy. Windy enough that the little owl nest did not survive all too well; however, one little guy did.

The first Tuesday in May Barb Wallace surprised us all by finally and I do mean finally getting a new visor! It was such a big deal to all the ladies that we even snapped a photo so all of you could see it and share in our excitement; however, then I saw the baby owl so Barb lost the lime-light and the owl won. Trust me when I say that Barb’s new visor is a huge improvement and looks very stylish on her!

The other excitement for the month happened on a non-ladies day but thought it was deserving of a shout out anyway. Barb Dunbar executed her first hole-in-one! Congratulations, Barb. Now as luck would have it, Barb almost always puts a quarter into the “daily pot” in the Pro Shop when she plays; yep, I said almost, as she seemed to have missed that step on this particular day. So while she has bragging rights that no one can ever take away from her, she is not any richer for her extraordinary efforts. Dang it! But wait, the day is not over and more surprises await. This took place on a Wednesday when the Bandits and Roadrunners were playing together so both groups were able to share in Barb’s excitement during lunch. Then that same evening during the Roadrunner social, Barb was presented with a check from the Roadrunner’s hole-in-one fund! Surprise! Long story longer; Barb ended up with bragging rights and a little extra money to boot! Way to go girl!

Let’s see what else has been happening? As most of you know, Rick, our greens keeper/superintendent, has taken another position in Texas starting May 1. The golf Board of Directors selected a hiring team and just formally announced their selection. I am sure we all wish Rick and his family well as we welcome Marc Francoeur, our new superintendent to SunBird.

The not so exciting news of the month is the fact that my phone has not been ringing off the hook with calls from people volunteering to take over the writing of this article or the photographer/historian positions for the ladies club. That means I will be reaching out to a few of you. If you are interested in either position, please reach out to me first as we can have teams of two or more for each position so it is a shared responsibility. Think of it as an extra reason to get together with a friend for lunch, dinner or happy hour or even an extra round of golf, to talk about what’s going on that month. We encourage new ladies (both new to the group or those who have not been involved yet) to get involved as it’s a great way to meet new friends, have fun and it helps keep the ladies golf club alive and full of fresh ideas.

As always, hit ‘em straight and have fun wherever you are golfing.