Korean War Veterans News

Leon “Skip” Johnson, Chapter Commander

The local Korean War Veterans Chapter is excited to start out the new year with a fresh new beginning, and are looking forward to one filled with adventure and continued support for those in need. Our doors are never closed to veterans, and especially to those who are in need of help and support, as accidents can happen at the most unexpected times. Our organization has the capability in many situations to help during an emergency, as we have access to a wide variety of medical equipment that can assist at a time of need. At present, at our disposal we have an assortment of items in our storage area that are only a phone call away in any unexpected emergency situation. This includes a variety of four-wheel-powered wheelchairs and much more, that can be obtained on short notice by making a phone call to the phone number listed below.

Meetings for the Korean War Veterans are held monthly on the fourth Wednesday of the month, from September up through the month of May. Meetings start at 10:30 a.m. and are held in the back room of the IHOP restaurant located on Arizona Avenue in the Target Shopping Center. The next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, Jan. 25, and there will be a guest speaker who has been invited to discuss benefits of the Veterans Administration that may be available, and guidelines for those who may want to follow up on the availability of additional benefits.

As we recognize that we are still in the recovery mode regarding the virus that has set things back for so many, we wish you all a safe and healthy new year. Take a moment out of your busy lives to thank all of those serving our country who are away from their families and loved ones, and also show appreciation for all those who have been working so hard keeping our shelves stocked and the streets safe, and the many in the medical field who are putting in many hours treating those in need while sacrificing their own safety at becoming vulnerable to exposure to the virus.

For any additional information regarding any of the above, always feel free to call Leon “Skip” Johnson at 970-481-3005.

Welcome to 2022—let’s all do our best to make it a year to remember.