Korean War Veterans

Chapter Commander Leon “Skip” Johnson

This is the time of the year when the local scene really comes to life, with all the special holidays falling in place right up to the end of the year, when we all welcome in the new year. The Korean War Veterans are joining in on the fun, and after a long delay due to a variety of reasons, are opening up their doors again with the resumption of their monthly meetings. Actually, their doors have never been closed, and support for those in need was always just a phone call away. Monthly meetings are held during normal times from September up through May, on the fourth Wednesday of the month. Additional details for the October meeting will be provided to the current membership regarding times and agenda in advance. For anybody interested in finding out more about the Korean War Veterans or would like to join, please contact the chapter commander at the number listed below.

The organization maintains a large assortment of medical equipment in local storage areas close by. You may want to keep this telephone number handy, as the unexpected is never planned, and in times of need of immediate support or temporary help, that may not be something that can be obtained in a timely manner. In inventory are several motorized assist vehicles, wheelchairs, and walkers that are readily available for short- or long-term use. A phone call to the chapter commander can provide additional details on what is available and discuss any support that we can provide to help out during an emergency, or equipment that may be available to help provide an easier means of transportation, leading to a better quality of life.

With the new challenges before us, we have hopes that progress will move in a more positive direction for those families who went through so much suffering. We wish you all a safe, healthy second half of 2022, and please take a moment or two to recognize all those involved in helping us stay safe while sacrificing their own safety.

Meetings start at 10:30 a.m., and are held in the back room of the IHOP restaurant located on Arizona Avenue in the Target Shopping Center. For any additional information regarding any of the above, always feel free to call Leon “Skip” Johnson. He can be reached at 970-481-3005.