Keeping our landscape team


Jackie Cox

Joe Anderson, landscape manager, has been keeping SunBird looking good for about 20 years, starting as a cleaner in maintenance. He now oversees the landscaping crew of five, with Sebastian Camecho as his foreman. Seasonal work includes weeding and trimming of bushes and trees (including tall palm trees) of the HOA property around our large clubhouse and 1,631 homes. Joe’s duties include getting bids, coordinating with the HOA board and HOA manager.

A major project this summer is replacing our irrigation system and ripping out and replacing plants as we transition to a xeriscape, or low-water-use community. (The golf course landscaping crew is separate from the HOA.).

Joe also supervises the pools and its maintenance, including the correct level of chemicals. Joe lives in San Tan Valley with his wife Debby who works for the prison in Florence. The father of two children, Joe loves fishing with his son Joey who has been with the maintenance crew for two years. Joe’s youngest son Joey lives at home, loves SunBird, and is purchasing his first truck.

Phillip Green works as a janitor in maintenance of the pool, laundry, post office and clubhouse and wherever needed. Before SunBird, Phillip was at another community two years and in the Marine Corps for 19 years in various areas, including France, Germany and Alaska. He has three sons, 29, 26 and 24, and his wife is a nurse at St. Joe’s in Phoenix.

Our residents appreciate the clean, trim, attractive appearance of SunBird, the result of the hard work and care by all our employees.