Kare Bears Members Continue to Meet

Mary Shelor

Even though SunBird Kare Bears don’t have meetings through the summer months, members still get together the second Wednesday of the month for a meet and greet luncheon in the SunBird Horizon Room and celebrate birthdays of the members who have a birthday that month.

On June 14, 27 members attended the luncheon, and we celebrated birthdays for the following members: Karen Volk (our president), Birdie Lopez, Julia Roberts, Shirley Jackson, Shirley Goodman, and Lee Frecentese. Normally, Bunny Bottorff brings a cake for the celebration, but she is having trouble with her legs and is unable to walk. But Julie stepped up and provided a dessert for all to enjoy. I did speak with Bunny, and she said everyone has been so gracious in bringing her food and helping out. She sends a great big thank you!

Just a reminder, Kare Bear Fairs will continue this fall, taking place the first Saturday of the months of November, December, February, and March. Last month I said that Shirley would be happy to arrange to pick up and store your donations, but that has changed. Since the storage area was cleaned and reorganized, we have been informed that there is no more room at the present moment. Please hang onto your items and bring them the Friday before the White Elephant Sale in November. As always, thank you for your cooperation and your donations.

See you at our next luncheon. Stay cool!