JWV Brings Awareness of Vets Needs During COVID-19

This photo by Unknown Author is licensed under CC BY

This photo by Unknown Author is licensed under CC BY

George Stahl

Memorial Day, Red Paper Poppies, and the Jewish War Veterans (JWV)Copper State Post 619 have been synonymous for the past 25 years. The Sun Lakes JWV Poppy Program raises funds for local veterans’ organizations in the Phoenix area to offset costs for thousands of veterans and their families who served our country in all branches of the military.

This year, a new crisis faces our nation in the form of the COVID-19 pandemic. That means that for Post 619, there is a new objective for the volunteers who, conditions permitting and the threat of COVID-19 subsiding, will be posted at local Fry’s grocery stores on Memorial Day weekend to receive your donations.

One of the organizations JWV assists is Veterans First. The group helps vets and their spouses, surviving spouses, veterans with compromised health, disabled veterans, and veterans struggling with families with children. In this time of COVID-19, Veterans First works to provide food, hygiene, and other necessities for these veterans.

Some veterans are not capable of getting to stores or handling other essential activities during this self-isolation period. They need extra help, and the people at Veterans First with JWV Post 619 are there for them.

Another local group, U.S. Vets-Phoenix, also benefits from money raised by the Poppy volunteers. According to Michelle Jamison, Executive Director of U.S. Vets-Phoenix, “Jewish War Veterans Post 619 has donated over $42,000 to our organization.” Jamison added, “Now, with the COVID-19 pandemic, Post 619 has come through for us again, with a sizable donation to fund food for our elderly and vulnerable veterans. We know we can always count on the Jewish War Veterans to come to our rescue.”

Bob Brooks, Commander of JWV Post 619, said, “As long as the circumstance permits, we will be out in front of three of the local Fry’s grocery stores on Memorial Day weekend.” According to Brooks, if the group is not able to sell Poppies at the stores, a contribution would be welcomed. A check made out to “Jewish War Veterans Copper State Post 619,” can be mailed to them at P.O. Box 13113, Sun Lakes, AZ 85248.

For more information, contact Bob Brooks at [email protected] or 480-588-1827. The members at the Post invite you to attend their meetings, resuming in September on the third Sunday of the month, at Sun Lakes Country Club.

These are unprecedented and uncertain times. An overwhelming number of us are in need and are frightened. A majority of the organizations that JWV Post 619 helps support are on the front lines and in tune with the needs of the vets they help. With your support, vets’ lives will be a little easier, and together we can overcome the odds of COVID-19.

For those who served us when it was crucial, your contribution now or anytime will help support a vet through the JWV Post 619 Poppy Program, our major source of fundraising. We say thank you.