January Art Club news

Sharon Eade

In a recent New York Times article, reporter Laura Holson describes how today’s midlife crisis for those in their 40s and 50s isn’t cured by a red convertible or a wild Vegas weekend. It’s cured with meaning and making. It is cured with creativity.

Creativity can be the solution for so many of the things we face every day: anxiety, depression, the desire for spiritual growth or meaningfulness. And the best thing about creativity is that it is a like a deep well within. You just have to throw off the cover and let those creative “waters” loose.

When I read this, I knew it was worth sharing. January is a long month which gives us time to reflect on a new year. Resolutions bring reflection on what we like about our lives and define areas we might want to change or enhance. Creating art gives a person so much joy and even permission to “just let go!” Stepping out of our safe places and taking on a course of action, whether it is a new hobby or expanding on an area that already gives us joy, can bring a new lease on life. For those of us in the Art Club, we have the perfect place to try new techniques, a new medium or the chance to develop a new attitude towards what we have been doing. How wonderful to have such a great group of friends and a safe place to have the freedom to let our creativity out. So as we welcome in 2019, we also welcome new members who want to experience the joy of making art and letting your creativity come alive. Happy New Year to all!