Italian and German American Clubs

Frank Nechvatal

I wish to take a moment to recognize the following individuals from both clubs who donated their time to help deliver the SunBird News from November through April. They are Barb Ott, Pat McGonegle, Lisa Romero, Margaret O’Brien, Mary McMullen, Patty McMullen, Treva Christenson, Esther Bono, Carol Dawley, Gunter DeFlieze, John and Barb Valentine, Martin Litzler, and Chris and Frank Nechvatal.

These people work hard to get the newspapers out on time. They helped to fold and rubber band the papers and deliver to 1,631 homes. Please, if you see them, be sure to thank them. I surely do. They made the work so much easier for Chris and me.

These folks represent both the Italian and German Clubs. The two clubs will share the payment received from Robson Publishing. Let us plan for a big Patio Party, if the pandemic allows, in April. If not, we will then plan for the fall.

Both clubs have not been meeting due to the restrictions placed on events with lots of people. Our thoughts and prayers to the club members of both clubs as we progress through the remainder of the year. Let us hope that the fall will be better, and we can again enjoy our monthly meetings.

Remember to stay safe and stay healthy!