It takes an entire community

Steve Cockrell, a second-generation homeowner

It takes more than a handful. It takes a commitment from all the residents to make a community strong and sustaining.

In the beginning, when SunBird was first developed, Robson owned the golf course. When he decided to sell it in 2001, approximately 150 couples made the decision to buy the golf course from him. What all of us enjoy today is the result of those few brave residents who put it all on the line back in 2002. Today, out of 1631 SunBird homes, there are approximately 225 who are members of the golf course. That accounts for about one-sixth of the homes. Let’s show them that we appreciate their efforts and commitment to our community.

SunBird HOA CC&R’s keep the HOA from making a direct monetary contribution to the golf course for maintenance and upkeep. However, they do not keep us as residents from making a direct donation to the golf course to ensure that it continues to be the centerpiece of our community. If each one of us would make a commitment to set aside $100 a year (that is less than $9 a month) to be contributed directly to the golf course, that is all it would take to ensure that our community gem would continue to remain healthy. I would like to ask each of you, as a resident of our community, to please consider making this commitment.

Next month, the HOA will be sending out a reminder to all of us that our biannual HOA dues need to be paid by the end of June. Along with that reminder will be a letter from the golf course asking for a donation for overseeding. Let’s all get behind this effort this year and show the members that we really appreciate the work that they are doing to enhance our community with our beautiful golf course, our lakes and fountains by making a contribution to this year’s golf course green up request.

Everything that we see as we enter the gate into our community, both on the right and the left, the lakes, the fountains and the green grass, is all maintained by the golf course. Let’s show the members that we do indeed appreciate their efforts by supporting them with a donation to this year’s overseeding program. It truly does take an entire community. Thank you for your consideration and your support.