It pays to recycle


It pays to recycle. Cost per ton to haul and dispose at landfill $40.00; revenue earned for recycle $27.85.

Recycle Items Accepted in Blue Cans: Paper (newspapers, paper bags, phonebooks, junk mail, bagged shredded paper), cardboard (flat and empty boxes), aluminum (cans, foil, pie tins), glass (food/drink bottles and jars), plastic bottles, jugs and containers (showing recycle symbol #1 through #6 – NO Styrofoam, plastic bags and plastic wrap)

Trash is hauled to Butterfield Landfill, Mobile, AZ.

Recycle revenue – $2.35/ton for recycle education and a minimum of $25.50 per ton for recyclables in blue curbside containers. If commodity market increases, the city shares the additional revenue with contractor.

Leftover Paint, Household Cleaners, Pesticides, Oil, Antifreeze, CFL Bulbs, Rechargeable Batteries, etc.

Household Hazardous Waste Collection Facility: Throwing household chemicals in your trash container, pouring them down the drain or dumping them at the curb is dangerous and irresponsible. To better serve Chandler residents, the city accepts household hazardous waste by appointment.

Scheduled appointments are required to ensure a safe environment for the public and for managing the quantities of household hazardous waste delivered. Call 480-782-3510 to schedule your appointment. Available to Chandler residents paying for city-provided solid waste services.