Irish Club Update

Mary Pilon, Publicity

Can you believe it!? Here’s to the end of another season of Irish gatherings full of laughter, fun, activities, and a special group of friends celebrating their Irish heritage together. A huge “thank you” to our officers: President Val Bongiorno, Vice President Ray Simone, Treasurer Mary Alibrandi, and Secretary Stevie Simone. A second vote of thanks to the committee chairpersons: Sunshine, Kay; Shirts, Mel; Entertainment, Mary; and Membership, Christine. I am especially excited to announce that our officers are all willing to continue carrying the torch for another year. We are all looking forward to their leadership and commitment to making our Irish Club such a success.

Ray Simone reported on the successful effort in delivering the SunBird News this season. If I omit anyone, I apologize. The members who volunteered to service the various delivery routes are as follows: Jack and Sandy Barber, Cindy and Laurie, Rick and Mary, Russ and Jean, Ray and Stevie. Oh, and I nearly forgot George Richardson, who was reported to have the easiest route.

Next, the following items were reported:

Stevie read a letter of thanks from St. Mary’s Food Bank regarding our monthly contributions. Each year they send a letter of appreciation of our generosity. Let’s keep it up.

The basket project was again a big success. The baskets were all beautiful, unique, and original. Thanks for everyone’s time, talent, and effort
in this project.

Boston Mary reported on the successful lunch we had at Fibber McGee’s Irish Pub last month. It was quite a meal. Everyone enjoyed the food, service, and the overall experience. The monthly luncheons will be continued in the fall, with Boston Mary in charge.

The 50/50 game was won by Boston Mary and Lee. Jack and Sandy Barber won the Dollar game.

Last but certainly not least, it was announced that our annual “February Trip to Laughlin to Contribute to the Economy of our Neighboring State” will again be on the agenda, barring any further interruptions by COVID-19 and its offspring. This trip is always great fun and one of the major highlights of events (and we need a chairperson for this).

Have a wonderful summer, fellow members. It’s been fun compiling this article each year. I, of course, have to leave you smiling over my never-ending Irish tales. Here’s a couple of them to tide you over until next fall:

When I die, I want to pass away like Grandpa Murphy who died peacefully in his sleep. Not screaming like all the passengers in his car.


Old Man O’Toole and his wife were sitting on their patio watching the sunset. He says, “I love you.” His wife had not heard those words in a while and asked, “Is that you talking or is that your beer talking?” O’Toole replied, “I’m talking to my beer.”