Heralding a Merry Christmas

Rod Emmerton

With Christmas fast approaching

And shoppers busy bees

Please don’t forget to treat yourself

To concerts without fees!

Yes, SunBird once again presents

The Singers and Ringers, too

Entertainment for your pleasure

And here’s what you must do.

Just mark December 8 or 9

And make a date with us

No need to dress up fancy

Just be yourself, no fuss.

The Singers entertain with zest

The Ringers rhythm precise

Musicians play, and you will say

This entertainment’s nice!

We start at 7 on either night

The seats will fill up fast

We only ask donations

‘Cause our music costs us ca$h.

Your friends are in the chorus

Your neighbors ringin’ bells

This local SunBird concert

Is really awesome … swell.

We hope to see your smiling face

We’ll do the best we can

When you attend, we promise

You will always be a fan!