Help! I’ve Fallen!

SunBird Safety Task Force

Falls are among the most common household accidents, especially for the elderly, and they can lead to serious injuries like concussions, broken bones, and even death.

Area rugs may look nice, but catching your foot on an edge of the rug can cause you to go down hard breaking a leg, arm, or hip. Or worse, falling down being knocked unconscious and ending up laying on the floor for hours or even days.

Be sure to have any electric or extension cords tucked away out of foot traffic areas. Keep areas well lit, both inside and outside of your home. Replace dead light bulbs.

If you live alone, consider purchasing a medical alert device. There are many on the market at different prices with different options. These devices provide immediate access to emergency services in case of a sudden illness or a fall where you cannot get to a telephone.

Take care of yourself and stay safe!