Healthy Mind and Souls

Healthy Mind and Souls is a nonprofit organization founded in 2021. The vision of the organization is to enrich the community lifestyle by:

a) Promoting and enriching local youth and women entrepreneurship and

b) Introducing healthy and mindful activities for all generations to keep away from stress and depression.

This Chandler-based nonprofit organization, Healthy Mind and Souls, conducts activities throughout the year, every Sunday of the month, online and in person at SunBird Golf Resort in Chandler.

Yoga, Reiki, Tai Chi, Breathing Exercises, and Arts/Crafts workshops are some of the most popular classes. The class sizes are small to medium and are conducted by licensed trainers. High school students, young adults, and seniors are the focus of the class. The other special activities organized by Healthy Mind and Souls are the Pancake/Crepe Festival in the month of January, the Diwali Exhibit in the fall, and the Christmas Craft workshop in December.

Visit the Facebook page and the website to learn more and to participate in the upcoming events.