He created you on purpose

Dr. Marc Drake, Senior Pastor, First Baptist Church of Sun Lakes

The story is told of an adopted boy who was harassed at school by other kids who were saying that his parents were not his real daddy and mama. Every day, the boy came home crying. Finally, his mother felt like God had given her a solution for the dilemma. So she said to her son, “You tell those kids that your mom and dad chose you out of over 15 others. Their moms and dads had to take what they could get!”

The Bible tells us of another kind of adoption – that of being adopted into God’s family (Ephesians 1:5). As used in Scripture, the word adoption means that God grants family status and benefits to all who are justified by faith in Christ. Just as physical adoption is the means by which a person is taken from one family (or no family) and placed in another, spiritual adoption is the means by which a person is taken from the “family” of Satan and placed into the family of God. Could there be any greater change in a person’s life than that? Not only do we receive forgiveness of sin and the gift of eternal life (Ephesians 2:8-9), we also become heirs of God and fellow heirs with Christ! (Romans 8:17).

Ponder that for a moment. Oh, how great was God’s love that would cause Him to want to adopt such rebellious creatures as we are! There was certainly nothing good in us that would earn us such a privilege; it is simply the astonishing grace of God. Furthermore, this adopted status means that in and through Christ, God loves us as He loves His Son Jesus. But how can that be? Because God has only one kind of love; perfect and eternal. And He has set His love upon us through Christ.

So those who belong to Christ are no longer slaves; they are sons and daughters of the King. Therefore, believers should never seek to get their identity in what they do, but rather in who they are in Christ. Do you know the Savior? If so, you can rejoice daily in the fact that you are God’s child, adopted into His family, secure in His love. You can rejoice in the One who made you on purpose and redeemed you on purpose.

Iowa Party highlights


The 14th annual Iowa Party on the patio – It could have been the 4-H food tent at the Iowa State Fair on an August day in Iowa, in the heartland. The drifting aroma of fried chicken and the promise of Aunt Edna’s ground cherry pie rekindled memories of Mom’s kitchen for 80 SunBird Iowans. An Iowa birthplace, residence, family or just because we share Midwest values earned a warm greeting and a place at the table.

Iowa is known for its great cooks, and this potluck brought the best recipes from paper to palate. There were tall corn tales, laughter and shared secrets of little-known places to visit (Matchsticks Marvels in Gladbrooke, the Sistine Chapel spray-painted ceiling in Waterloo and the Castles of Ida Grove) and local restaurants to try (Dinky Diner in Decatur City, Teluwut Grille House in Lake Mills or Penny’s Dinner in Missouri Valley). “Gunder Burgers and Blue Bunny Ice Cream” conversations connected and bonded people from the banks of the Missouri to the riverboats of the Mississippi.

Like any great state fair, there were prizes to be awarded and raffles to be won. Twenty-three raffle items found a new home – a special thanks to everyone who donated. Three lucky winners shared in the 50/50 drawing. The breeze cooled and darkness fell on another Iowa State Fair gathering, this time on a February day in Arizona, in the desert. Thanks to Paullene Caraher, her committee and all the volunteers. See you next year on Tuesday, March 13, 2018.