Happy New Year from the Garden Club

As we move into another year, let’s hope that 2022 is truly a “new year,” and we can get back to doing all the wonderful things that we all love to do here in SunBird, without reserve.

In the last year or so, we have seen many homes sold, and now we have many new residents. We welcome all new homeowners and invite you to come and check out our SunBird Garden Club. We meet at 9 a.m. in the ballroom area nearest to the stage on the second Friday of every month, from November to April.

FYI—The SunBird Garden Club was formed by residents to help maintain and beautify the areas around the clubhouse, other public areas such as the front gate area as you enter off Riggs, and all the other gates around the property, as well as areas on the golf course.

We have people in the club who are certified Master gardeners/botanists, as well as many who have been blessed with a green thumb. Then there are many of us who are just interested in desert gardening and keeping the grounds and our own yards looking good. The many efforts of the SunBird Garden Club have contributed to what makes SunBird such a lovely place to live.

Our agenda this year includes a new project in collaboration with the SunBird Golf Club on hole #9. In addition, we have lined up speakers, socials, field trips, and, of course, we also have our well-known and well-attended SunBird Garden Club Home Tour. This is always great fun for everyone. This year we honor one of our members who took immense pride in running this successful event.

Donna Bergman, who passed away last year, volunteered for many years in a row to run this fun event. Let me tell you that it was a lot of work, but Donna and her team took it on, and each and every Home Tour was a great success. This year the “Donna Bergman Memorial Home Tour” is slated for Sunday, March 13. Please keep this event in mind, as I guarantee that you will have a great time.

The money earned from the Home Tours continues to enable the Garden Club to fund and complete many projects around SunBird. There are many members who have been here from the get-go, who have contributed in many different ways to make SunBird the beautiful place that it is today. If you are interested in seeing where these projects are located, we can provide you with a map.

And, lastly, keep searching for the Garden Club’s “Rock of the Month” and win a $10 gift certificate for the Horizon Room.