Gowns of Love

Gowns of Love is a 501(c)(3) organization that transforms donated wedding and formal dresses into baby gowns. The baby gowns are donated to local hospitals and will be provided to families who have lost their babies. Each Gowns of Love set includes two identical gowns (one for pictures and burial; the second is a keepsake for the family). In addition to the two gowns, each Gowns of Love set includes a baby blanket, two hearts, and a keepsake satchel for the families to take home items such as footprints, handprints, pictures, etc. We also create wraps for those babies who are too small for the sets.

Losing a baby is heartbreaking; having to think about finding something for your baby to wear is more than a parent should have to bear. Gowns of Love helps ease that burden through this simple gesture.

Gowns of Love needs your help! If you have a wedding dress in storage, please consider donating it to Gowns of Love to be transformed.

For more information, please contact Gowns of Love at 602-284-7908 or message us at www.facebook.com/gownsoflove.