A golfing legacy

What does it mean to leave a legacy, a heritage, a personal footprint that can make a difference to the future of our golf club? It means recognizing that this club was our home course for many years. It means honoring the good times and lasting friendships it gave us. It means improving the financial stability of the golf course so it can remain the heart of our community for years to come.

In the past few years several remarkable SunBird golfers like Carol Chapman, Aileen and John Johnston and George and Dorothy Connell donated their membership to SunBird Golf Club. This means the club has one less membership to redeem and brings us one step closer to the day when membership sales will become a source of income. We are so grateful for these generous people.

All of us can fulfill our commitment to this wonderful golfing community and choose the size of the footprint we would leave behind. Please consider the SunBird Golf Club in your legacy financial planning. Talk to our club President Gary Whistler; he can be reached at 480-802-0820.