Golf President Report

Dave White

This month we will talk about our Turf Crew. In July we had the hottest weather ever recorded in the Chandler area. Our guys show up for work at 5 a.m. every day. This work might be mowing, bunker work, weed work, spraying for weeds, working on equipment, fixing irrigation problems, trimming trees, taking care of pests, etc.

Right now we have only the following people working for the Golf Club: Brendan (supervisor), Jose L., Miguel, Jose G., Juan, Randy, Mike, and David. We should have four more, but we cannot get qualified people to work.

During the year, we get homeowner comments on things that need to be done on the part of the course they live on. Believe it or not, we go around the course and take notes on these issues. Some things might be more urgent to take care of at the time (broken sprinklers, leaks in underground pipes, equipment breakdowns, etc.). We will get to the homeowners’ problem in time.

I would match our crew up with any other course crew, considering the aging equipment we have and being four workers short. All I know is, with all of that hot weather, they did a great job these past few months. If you get a chance and see them, say, “Thank you.”