Golf Course Report

Dave White, President

Last month we talked about course care. This month let’s talk about golf course reservations (tee times).

We use various tools to set up tee times: 7, 8, 9 day call-ins, Golf Now, Golf Moose, UnderPar, etc. There are blocks of times set aside for league play and for general play.

When you call in for a tee time and get that time, whether league or general play, that spot is now blocked.

When you call in the morning of your tee time and cancel it, we have a hard time filling that spot and, in most cases, that spot goes vacant and  could cost the golf course $55 in lost revenue. If this happens 10 times a week, you can see the lost revenue.

What we are asking is that you give the golf course 24 hours’ notice of canceling your reservation, unless it is an emergency. Rain and wind is not an emergency.

Thank you for your assistance in making the golf course more profitable.